Popeyes Chicken (pvt) Ltd Pakistan provides fresh and hygienic foods, good service, fair prices and a multi-choice menu, which combines the most successful quick service restaurant products. All these add up to good value for money for customers, and generate increased brand loyalty .Our own recipes of coated fried chicken (We worked hard to alter this concept by experimenting with recipes to create a flavour designed to excite the food loving community.

Selected pieces of fresh chicken are marinated to give flavour right through to the bone. Popeyes Chicken prides itself on never using processed chicken, only fresh whole pieces & fillets. They are then coated in breading made from the finest ingredients mixed with a unique blend of herbs, spices. They are then pressure filed to perfection. Pressure frying ensures as little oil as possible is absorbed into the product giving a delicious grease free product But we haven’t just stopped there we are constantly trying to improve our products to make them the best we can.

The Popeyes Chicken store itself is also characterised by quality. Our scheme designs have been applied to create dean, spacious and comfortable restaurants, and are suited to all types of premises and existing architecture. Our theme designs provide that touch of originality. which draws customers to return time and time again. And where possible we also offer free home delivery service from our stores.

Adaptability Is also a key feature of the Popeyes Chicken concept. Menu items that are a staple part of life to the regions can be added without problem. Currently we have introduced Pizza and burgers in addition to our main menu to Carter the demand of local community and will add further items as per demand.